METEOR Holds First 2023 Staff Team-Building Retreat


Do you remember the last time you went for a team-building retreat? How was it like? Did you enjoy taking part in games, learning more about your organisation, or bonding with your colleagues?

The METEOR Group just finished its very first retreat for new staff this year. It was meant to help the newbies understand and internalise the organisation’s vision, mission, and shared values.

Held at the Awana Resorts in Genting Highlands, Pahang, from 12 to 14 January, the Staff Engagement Programme (also called STEP) involved 18 staff.

The preliminaries included opening remarks by Encik Muhammad Bazli Abdul Aziz (Chief of People and Culture), an ice-breaking session by Encik Farid Redza Muhamad (Group HR Head), a talk on excellent customer service by Encik Mohd Razif Ramli (Centre for Learner Affairs Manager), and a presentation on business strategy and the financial perspective by Mr Yau Pow Jack (Group Strategic Planning Senior GM).

During the 3 days and 2 nights, the participants exercised their minds and limbs through various indoor and outdoor activities.

“One of the activities was Explorace, where we had to compete in teams to complete certain tasks at multiple checkpoints. The tasks challenged our leadership and communication skills, and helped us to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

“These will be helpful for us when we go back to the office, as creating strong teams goes beyond just hiring competent workers,” said Cik Norshazreena Mohd Noor (Public Relations and Media Manager), who joined METEOR last August.

“We want to boost our new staff’s morale and sense of belonging. We also want them to have great communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills,” said Encik Bazli.

The retreat ended on a Saturday afternoon, enabling them to still enjoy the weekend before going back to work.