METEOR Group Empowers Employees with Mental Health Awareness and First Aid Training

With mental health emerging as a pressing issue among Malaysians, the METEOR Group took proactive steps to equip its staff with the necessary tools to identify and manage mental health issues. From 14 to 16 March, METEOR organised a 3-day Mental Health Awareness Programme, including a mental health screening test, games, and a 2-day training on First Aid in Mental Health.

“By appointing mental health first aiders among our staff, we hope to create a supportive environment where our employees can get the help they need in a timely and efficient manner. This will enable them to better manage their mental health and prevent more serious problems from developing,” said METEOR Group HR Manager, Aznam Zakaria.

The programme aimed to increase awareness about mental health among METEOR Group staff, encourage self-assessment of individual mental health levels, and assess the overall mental health situation in the organisation. The programme also emphasised the importance of a peer support system for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

“Creating a supportive and understanding environment where employees can speak openly about their mental health is crucial. This programme has helped us break down the stigma surrounding mental health and provided us with tools to identify and support colleagues who may be struggling,” said one of the participants.

The training on First Aid in Mental Health emphasised the importance of early intervention and provided staff with practical skills and knowledge to provide timely and effective support. The METEOR Group intends to appoint mental health assistants among staff who are equipped to provide early assistance for those who need it.

The METEOR Group’s mental health awareness programme is a step in the right direction towards promoting mental health and well-being in the workplace. With the right support and resources, employees can better manage their mental health and prevent more serious problems from developing.