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" University for All ", OUM believes in the democratisation of education; giving everyone a chance at self-actualisation and fulfilling their potential


Formerly known as Granada International College (GIC), IOC obtained the approval to change its name in September 2012.


Institute of Professional Development-Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM).


Providing end to end university and learning management system designed by experts in university operation and management

Meteor Media

Meteor Media provides Innovative Design, Development, Branding, Packaging and delivery of wide ranging interactive New Media Technology solutions to organizations across the globe.

Meteor Doc

Providing quality and affordable printing services using the latest state of the art on-line technologies

METEOR Doc Sdn Bhd.

Meteor Doc

METEOR Doc (MDSB) was established in July 2004. It is one of the 6 companies under the METEOR Group. MDSB's core business is to provide quality and affordable printing services using the latest state of the art on-line technologies.

METEOR has invested in the state of the art digital printing machines to ensure reliable, efficient and on time delivery of our services. We ensure Time, Quality and Competitive Pricing in order to establish total customer satisfaction.

With the ever-changing market trends and evolving consumer needs, we keep abrest with constant research and advancements in the field of printing technology.


To be the leader and innovator in providing digital printing technology and document management solutions


  • To provide quality digital printing and document production services;
  • To integrate and transfer latest digital printing technology and document management solutions
  • To create awareness of our services to the end users

Institute of Professional Development (IPD)

IPD meteor

Called the Institute of Professional Development-Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM), the Centre is dedicated to supporting the learning and development needs of working adults by providing a variety of professional programmes that are innovative, contemporary and relevant.

Officially founded in the year 2000, IPD-OUMís activities has benefited career-minded working adults in Malaysia as well as selected international locations such as Bahrain and Sudan.

To provide cutting-edge and applicable career development programmes for working adults, IPD-OUM has developed an extensive network of strategic alliances with recognised local and international experts. Their individual and collective expertise continues to expand the repertoire and quality of relevant professional programmes that reflect industry needs.

Granada International College (GIC)

GIC meteor

Granada International College (GIC) is a new private institute of Higher learning, affiliated under Open University Malaysia. As a newly born college, Granada International College is fully aware that education is becoming increasingly international.

Not only are the materials becoming more influenced by the rich international environment, but exchanges among students at all levels are also playing an increasingly important role.

Hence if you are looking for a college with international environment then looks no further come and study in GIC, a college right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur cosmopolitan city.

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